The Short Version: Sewing Is Hard

, , , , | Learning | March 16, 2021

In high school, I take a sewing class. I am in no way a natural — it takes me three days to learn how to thread a bobbin — but I still learn. Our first big project is a pair of pajama pants. My teacher is checking my cut fabric pieces before I start pinning them together. It should be noted that I am only five feet tall and nearly always the shortest person in the room, but I have no problem poking fun of my own height.

Teacher: “These two pieces seem a lot shorter than the others.”

Me: “Huh. Yeah, it looks like it.”

Teacher: “Did you forget a piece of your pattern?”

Me: “I don’t know, but I can look.”

We find the problem pretty quickly: the pattern has two different pieces for the legs. The smaller one is meant to be cut out and taped onto the end of the larger one. I’ve done it with two of the four total pieces, but now I have two long pieces and two short pieces. The teacher tells me to cut out the smaller pieces and sew them onto the two shortened leg pieces so all four are the same length.

Me: *Joking* “I’m so short that maybe the short ones would actually fit better!”

Fast-forward a few weeks. My pajama pants are much further along, and it’s time to put them on for waistband measurements. The legs are long, so I have to roll them up a few times.

It only takes a few seconds to realize that the amount of fabric I’ve rolled up is equal to the amount of fabric in the smaller piece I’d sewn onto the shortened legs. The shortened legs really WOULD have fit better.

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