The Shoe Is On The Other Limping Foot

| Learning | August 6, 2013

(I am in year five, so I am only about nine years old at the time. I have just twisted my ankle for the third time in two weeks. I am late to class after break from having to limp. I enter the classroom and my teacher starts to shout at me.)

Teacher: “This is pathetic now. You’re not hurt at all. If I see you limping tomorrow, then you can spend your lunch breaks inside; there’s no way for you to hurt yourself in here.”

(Fast forward 13 years. I am studying to be a primary school teacher, and I get to do work experience at my old school with my old teacher. It’s a small village, so everyone knows each other. Naturally she remembers me.)

Teacher: “And here we have [my name]. She’s an old student of mine. As I recall, she use to fake falling over and hurting her ankle all the time, and we had to stop letting her have her break because she wouldn’t stop ‘hurting’ her ankles. Isn’t that right?”

Me: “Well actually, not long after starting high school, I was diagnosed with hyper mobility joint syndrome and arthritis. That means my joints are really loose, and can pop out of their sockets. Because of this, I also walk on the inside of my feet, making it very easy for me to go over on them and badly damage them. I’m actually quite surprised I didn’t do myself more damage considering that I wasn’t allowed to limp.”

(The teacher glares at me. She later complains to my university about how I had undermined her in front of her class. All they did was send me to work with a different class.)

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