The Shoe Doesn’t Fit Like A Regional Manager

, , , , | Working | November 27, 2018

(I go shoe shopping with my mom and brother. Earlier in the summer, Mom had two surgeries: a lumbar fusion and a partial knee replacement. She is walking on a cane, but moving very slowly. We get inside and are immediately greeted by a guy that works there. He has my mom sit down on the bench while he runs around and gets her different shoes to try on. This takes a while, since Mom can only try on one shoe at a time, and she has special inserts she has to put in each shoe she tries on. As soon as he is done helping her, he leaves. We all grab our shoes and head for the checkout.)

Mom: “Oh, I hope I didn’t keep him too long after he was supposed to leave.”

Cashier: “Oh, he’s not a worker here.”

Mom: “He’s not?”

Cashier: “No. That was our district manager.”

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