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The Sexes Will Be Tested

| Learning | January 19, 2014

(I am the only girl in a class of eight people. It is the day of a test.)

Me: *walking into class* “Hey, [Classmate]. Do you have an extra scantron? I forgot mine.”

Classmate #1: “No… Why do you need a scantron?”

Me: “We have a test today. Didn’t you read the syllabus?”

Classmate #1: “No! I never read the syllabus.”

Me: *rolls eyes* “Well, let me see if [Classmate #2] can rescue the both of us.”

Classmate #2: “I’m no help. I don’t even have a pencil with me. Only pens. I completely forgot about the test.”

Me: “You have got to be kidding me.”

(This continues until most of us are in the classroom. It’s three minutes until the bell, and no one has any scantrons. I dash out of the classroom with some cash in hand, nearly running into my teacher as he walks into the classroom.)

Teacher: “What are you running from? You’ll have to take the test eventually!”

Me: “Nobody brought scantrons!”

(I run to the vending machine on first floor. I return a couple minutes later, a pack of scantrons in hand, and begin passing them out.)

Classmate #2: *sheepishly* “Thanks, [My Name]. Do you have an extra pencil too?”

Me: “Sure do. Does anyone else need a pencil?”

(I pass out a couple of pencils and finally settle in my seat.)

Teacher: “Now that [My Name] has already upped all of you by being the only put-together person in this room, who wants to take this test?”

(The room collectively groans/whimpers as the teacher passes out the tests. The incident is still a running joke among us. Every time we have a test, I don’t panic if I forget a scantron because they all owe me one!)

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