The Server Is Not Always Right

, | Kentucky, USA | Working | March 20, 2013

Me: “I would like a five-piece chicken tenders, a chicken sandwich, and a double cheeseburger with just pickles.”

(Note: I should have ordered “chicken strips”, because at this restaurant, “chicken tenders” refer to what most other restaurants call nuggets.)

Server: “We only have a four-piece for tenders.”

Me:  “Oh, sorry. I meant a five-piece strips.”

Server: “Make up your mind! Do you want strips or tenders?!”

Me: “I just said that I wanted the strips. Sorry again; I was a little confused when I first ordered.”

Server: “So you want a five-piece strips, a chicken sandwich, and a hamburger plain.”

Me:  “Double cheeseburger with just pickles.”

Server: *condescendingly* “Sure… the customer is ALWAYS right.”

(When I got back to my co-workers, I discovered that I was 1) given a double cheeseburger with everything but pickles, 2) there were only three chicken strips and 3) the chicken sandwich was missing completely.)

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