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The Serial Spiller Strikes Again!

, , , | Right | CREDIT: Megamatt215 | March 11, 2022

I work in a general store. I have like ten minutes left on my shift when a kid comes by and tells me that someone spilled a bottle of soda on the floor. I assume that if he is the culprit, it was an accident, and I’m not going to press the issue. If it wasn’t him, customers suck, so that also checks out.

As I’m wiping it up with paper towels, he starts telling me how there was also a spill in another one of our stores. I naively tell him:

Me: “I think that’s just a coincidence. There’s not some serial drink spiller going around.”

That’s when he starts saying, “This must happen all the time,” which basically confirms in my head that this kid spilled the soda but doesn’t want to admit it.

“Whatever,” I think. “I’m just going to clean this up, then my shift is done.” My boss sees me cleaning up this giant puddle of soda with paper towels and tells me to just go get the mop.

I go to the back, fill up the mop bucket, and then head up to the front to grab some wet floor signs, where my boss is talking to this kid’s dad.

Boss: “I was told that ‘someone’ spilled a whole bottle of baby shampoo on the floor on aisle [number], and I saw the kid pouring a soda directly onto the floor.”

I had to stay an extra fifteen minutes to clean up the extra spills he made. Fun fact: when you mop up baby shampoo, it creates so many suds and so much soapy foam that you have to change the mop water because the mop water quickly becomes 90% foam.

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