The Screen Is Broken And So Are His Expectations

, , , , | Right | January 14, 2021

The cost of smartphone repair varies wildly, so a lot of people tend to grossly overestimate or underestimate the cost of repairs.

A customer enters the store with a smartphone with a broken screen. After a quick check, I give an estimate of €89 for the repair.

Customer: “But the Chinese guy on [Street] only asks for €20!”

Me: *With a smile and my sweetest voice* “Then why don’t you go there?”

Customer: “I don’t trust him. Last time I went for a battery repair, and after the repair, the battery still worked badly.”

Me: “I offer a twelve-month guarantee on my repair. I’m guessing after going there he didn’t change the battery?”

Customer: “Exactly! But still, it’s too much! Can’t you give me a discount?”

Me: “I can change the battery for the cost of the piece since I’m opening the phone anyway.”

Customer: *After thinking a bit* “I’m giving you €25.”

He begins taking the money out.

Customer: “And that’s my final decision.”

Me: *Chuckling.* “Yeah, no. That’s less than the cost of the pieces. It’s €89 for the screen, €110 if you want to change the battery, too.”

Customer: “No, no. That’s too much. I’m going to the Chinese guy, and if I’m not satisfied, I’m coming back here.” *Storms out*

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