The Scoop That Keeps On Scooping

| Right | July 5, 2017

(Despite signs posted nearby explaining what is available, despite them seeing everything the customers ahead of them order, despite them being repeat customers having gone through this routine before, this keeps happening:)

Customer: “I’d like a scoop.”

Me: “Okay, in a cup or a cone?”

Customer: “A scoop.”

Me: “Yes, but what do you want it in?”

Customer: “A scoop!”

Me: “In a cup, or a cone?”

Customer: “Oh! A cone.”

Me: “Which one?”

Customer: “A… cone?”

Me: “…”

Customer: “Oh! Sugar, I guess.”

Me: “Okay, so one scoop in a sugar cone… What flavor?”

Customer: “Just a scoop, please.”

Me: “Of which flavor?”

Customer: “Oh. Chocolate.”

Me: “Which chocolate? Regular, double, or brownie?”

(This is the sale that never ends.)

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