The Science Of Silence Makes You Weep

, | Working | August 7, 2013

(I am chatting to a coworker using our internal messaging system.)

Coworker: “If a Silence looks at a Weeping Angel, does the Angel move forward, or does it forget it saw the Silence?”

Me: “It would remember, as long as it keeps looking at it, which it will, because if the prey looks away, the Angel doesn’t and moves in for the kill. It’s when you look away from a Silence that you forget it. If the Silence keeps looking at the Angel until it’s, say, behind it, or out of view, then the Angel will forget. But if the Silence so much as blinks, it’s dead.”

Me: “Therefore, Angels > Silence?”

Coworker: “Daleks > ALL.”

Me: “Cybermen are superior to Daleks in one aspect…”

Coworker: “Pffft.”

Me: “They are better at DYING. Bahaha!”

Coworker: “Haha yes!”

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