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| Learning | July 11, 2017

(I know every detail of every class I need to pass to graduate. Math is far from my favorite subject, but I know I only need three of them to pass, so I don’t pick one for Senior year. When schedules are released, I have Algebra II. I also notice that I do not have a science class listed at all for the year, and we do need four of those. I go to my counselor.)

Me: “Why am I in a math class? I don’t need or want it.”

Counselor: “It will help you in college. Every Senior has to take it.”

Me: “You’re wrong. Look over the guidebook again, unless you’re saying they updated it this year?”

Counselor: “It hasn’t changed. You need to take Algebra II so you look better for college.”

Me: “You mean, I need to take it so that I lower my GPA and have to pay for an unnecessary summer school course to account for the fact that there’s no science class on here.”

Counselor: “You don’t need to worry about science. Math is more important. It won’t hurt your GPA.”

Me: “You absolutely have seen nothing on my file, have you?”

(This is years before “autism” iss as well-known as it is today. In school I tend to not do work that bores me or is unnecessary. The teachers all believe my issue is “laziness,” despite this information in my file as a letter from my psychiatrist because it causes issues every year. I usually wouldn’t have cared about my GPA at all, but my reason for caring this time is because I need the science and school staff usually like to hear about improving a student’s GPA.)

Counselor: “There’s nothing to discuss. You’re taking that class.”

Me: “Well, since I can’t seem to reason with you, and you believe it’s better to fail a class I don’t need than to pass a class I do need, I suppose I’ll just have to go to someone more important than you.”

Counselor: “The principal won’t change it either. I can call him right now for you.”

Me: “When did I mention the principal? I have a mental condition. What’s that thing that says you have to make reasonable accommodations? You’re not accommodating my needs and are setting me up for failure in multiple ways. My psychiatrist will be in contact, and I suppose that’ll determine if I need a lawyer or not.”

Counselor: “You’re the only one trying to set yourself up for failure!”

(I actually had an appointment for my psychiatrist that afternoon, so I told him the story. He did NOT look happy when I told him, but said it would be taken care of. When school started, I got my new schedule from the clearly bothered counselor.)

Counselor: “If you’d apply yourself, you wouldn’t need to hide behind your doctor and have him lie for you!”

Me: “I’ll be sure to tell him that. I see him Friday.”

Counselor: *face turns very pale* “Please don’t mention anything like that to him.. Now go to homeroom.”

(I left, but I was very curious as to what got her that pale so quickly. My psychiatrist just grinned and told me that the results are good enough. I got straight As in the astronomy class I took for science!)

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