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The Scent Of A Woman

| Working | December 26, 2016

(I’m doing some holiday shopping at the mall by myself when I wander into a popular bath and lotion store. I’m testing out some of the soft and flowery scents when this happens. Note: I am female.)

Employee: “Hi, can I help you find anything today?”

Me: “No, thanks. Just looking for some presents for my sweetie today.”

Employee: “Oh. The men’s section is actually over here.” *gestures toward the opposite wall, looking at me expectantly*

Me: “No, thank you, she actually likes things like lavender and vanilla.”

(This is a regular occurrence, but normally people catch on at this point. This lady, however…)

Employee: “Honey, no man likes girly scents. Come on over this way.”

Me: *awkwardly* “Uh… I’m fine over here.”

Employee: “But these are all girly and pretty. He won’t like them, trust me.”

Me: “She’s actually pretty fond of this one I’ve got here. I check out on that side of the store, right?”

Employee: “But he’s not going to—”

Other Customer: “Excuse me, miss? Can you tell me where…”

(I seized the opportunity to walk away and get in line at the register. I understand she was trying to be helpful, but no means no, lady! I guess sometimes people have a hard time understanding something that they’re not told outright.)

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