The Scam On An International Scale

| Working | March 13, 2017

(The phone rings so I pick it up. The lady on the line has an Indian accent.)

Me: “[My Dutch Name] speaking.”

Lady: *silence*

Me: “Hallo?”

Lady: “Oh, hello! Do you speak English?”

Me: “Yes, I speak English.”

Lady: “Very good. I am from Microsoft support and I am calling to tell you that you have many errors in your computer. Do you have Microsoft?”

(I immediately realised that this was a scammer.)

Me: “Yes.”

Lady: “All I need is your Microsoft license ID and then I can fix the problem, and…”

Me: “No. Not interested.”

Lady: “But why not, madam?”

Me: “Because you’re a scam.”

Lady: “No, madam, we are not a scam. You are a bigot!”

Me: “Excuse me? How am I a bigot?”

Lady: “You, madam, are a bigot, because we are an international call.”

Me: “I don’t care where you call from! I know it’s a scam because Microsoft Support would never call and ask for a license ID!”

Lady: “Oh…” *silence*

Me: *hanging up the phone*

(How can she sleep at night using bigotry to guilt people into their scam is beyond me!)

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