The Scam Of Persistence

, , | Legal | October 5, 2019

(I am sitting at home when I get a call from an unknown number. I’ve been waiting on an important call so I answer it.)

Robot: “Hello. This is Officer [unintelligible] with the Social Security Administration. I am calling to tell you that there has been suspicious activity on your social security number in southern Texas. Please press one to speak to an officer. I repeat, press one.”

(The voice is monotonous and quite obviously a robot, but I’m bored and have a little time, so I decide to play along. I press one and after a few seconds, a man with a thick accent answers.)

Scammer: “Hello, may I have your social security number?”

Me: “Hi. No, you may not. Please take my number off your call list.”

Scammer: “No.”

Me: “What?”

Scammer: “No. I will keep calling and calling you.”

Me: “Why?”

Scammer: “I will not remove your number.”

Me: “Okay, but why? I get you probably have a job to do, but I’m not going to fall for it, so you may as well just remove my number from your list.”

Scammer: “May I have your full name?”

Me: “No, you may not.”

Scammer: “Why not?”

Me: “Because I know this is a scam and I’m not giving you my information.”

Scammer: “I will not remove your number.”

(Rinse and repeat until I got bored and hung up. I admire his dedication, at least.)

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