The Scales Will Never Fall From Her Eyes

| California, USA | Right | July 3, 2012

(I am a female working in a reptile store, so it’s fairly common for people to question why I would be interested in snakes and lizards. On this particular day, I’m helping a woman and her 6-year-old daughter hold a snake.)

Customer: “So, do you have any reptiles of your own at home?”

Me: “Oh yes, I have a ton.” *laughs*

Customer: “How does that affect your dating life? I mean, boys can’t possibly think that’s attractive in a girl!”

(The customer’s question has caught me off guard, but I try to remain friendly.)

Me: “Um, it doesn’t really have an effect. It’s not usually an issue.”

Customer’s Daughter: “Mommy, can I get a pet snake?!”

Customer: “No, sweetie. We want YOU to have boyfriends.”

Me: *speechless*

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  • Novelista

    [2012] I would think that men would find that right up there with women who own swords. (HOT, in other words!)

    • EJ Nauls-Poland

      I know that I personally find women more attractive when they’re interested in stuff like this rather than traditional ‘girly’ stuff.

      • Novelista

        Topic list at therapy today (besides mental health stuff): Sam Raimi, cars, Spider-Man, Star Wars, my writing, James Remar (including how his Transformer from Dark of the Moon was a hot car), Stephen King…LOL