The Sauce Of Your Frustration

, , , | Right | June 9, 2017

Waitress: “[My Name], this person says they didn’t like their lemon-pepper wings.”

Me: “And why is that?”

Waitress: “They said they were too wet.”

Me: “Not a problem; let me fix that.” *we have a dry rub for this particular flavor, luckily*

Waitress: “Thanks, [My Name]!”

(She later brings the wings back and says the customer told her they were too dry. After making said customer four different sets of dry and wet wings, I decide to go talk to them.)

Me: “So what is it you want done to your wings, sir?”

Customer: “I want my wings to be wet, but not too wet.”

Me: “So, in other words, you just need a little sauce wiped off.”

Customer: “I suppose so, yes.”

Me: *proceeds to do so; walks back to kitchen frustratedly*

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