The Sauce Of The Problem Is You

, , , | Right | December 21, 2020

During my teens, I work in a small takeaway food shop and my best friend works in the grocery store next door. One day, she comes in to buy a burger for lunch.

Friend: “I’ll just have a burger with no sauce, please.”  

I make the burger, which she takes back to the grocery shop to eat. I see her later.  

Friend: “I don’t know what you did with that burger, but it was really bland and there was no brown stuff on it.”

Me: “Brown stuff?”

Friend: “Yeah, when [Brother] buys me burgers, there’s always some brown stuff on it that tastes really nice.”

Me: “Do you mean the sauce?”

Friend: “No, I don’t like sauce. This stuff is brown and it’s sort of liquidy.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s BBQ sauce.”

Friend: “Nooo, sauce is red! I don’t like sauce.”

Me: “Ketchup is red; BBQ sauce is brown. We always put BBQ sauce on burgers.”

Friend: “Well, why didn’t you put it on mine?”

Me: “You asked for no sauce.”

Friend: “You should have known I meant no red sauce!”

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