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The Sauce Of All Your Problems, Part 8

, , , , | Right | March 16, 2023

Pretty much every day, food gets wasted because people can’t be bothered to specify what they want.

This morning, someone ordered a brownie, with no notes, so we sent down the full brownie, ice cream, and choccy sauce on top… only for the customer to complain because they didn’t want the choccy sauce. We had to make them a new one which they didn’t get charged for.

Later, someone ordered a BBQ chicken, among other things. One of the other items had a note on it, but the BBQ chicken did not, so we made it as usual.

The customer complained because they didn’t want BBQ sauce on their BBQ chicken. We had to make the whole meal again for them since we can’t, for example, move the chips or peas to a new plate.

We sent down this BBQ-less BBQ chicken. I snarked to my coworker that maybe we should radio down and ask if the customer was sure they wanted chicken with their BBQ chicken.

Seconds later, the radio asked us for BBQ sauce. Because when the customer said they didn’t want BBQ sauce, they actually meant they wanted it on the side. At least we didn’t have to cook a new chicken again. I sent it cold, even though the BBQ chicken is supposed to come with warm sauce, because I was feeling petty.

Apparently, the customer then poured half of the sauce on top of the BBQ-less chicken. I was fuming.

The problem is that the bar staff don’t mark the wastage down properly, so it’s us in the kitchen who get blamed when stock levels don’t match. All because the bar is throwing away perfectly edible food and making us replace it for free.

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