The Sauce Of All Your Flavor Issues

, , , , | Right | June 5, 2020

I work at a Chinese restaurant in a small town. Our crowd subsists mostly of students, especially during the school year, but we do get quite a few locals in, as well. We make each meal to order; it’s not kept waiting on hot plates or under heating lamps or anything. This makes it very simple to customize your order to a point.

A woman comes in and asks for something without sauce. None of our sauces are very heavy to begin with, but I write it up and roll my eyes once my back is turned. My boss looks at the ticket and makes it. A few days later, she’s back in again, asking for the same thing. A few weeks go by, with the lady asking for no sauce, and we make it the way she specifies.

Finally, one day, she comes up to me and asks if there’s any way we could add more flavor to the meal, because it’s just so bland. I stare at her a full ten seconds before calling my boss over. He looks at her and tells her she’s stupid, because the sauce is where most of the flavor is, and there’s no way we can make it both ways at the same time.

I’m happy to say, we haven’t seen her since.

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