The Sauce Of All Your Complaining

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(I work at a fried chicken restaurant during my holidays. The owner is my aunt, so I go there to help out whenever I can. We have a particular item that’s those drink and snack combos where there’s a drink in a cup and a small bowl of fried chicken on top. There is a kind of sweet-chili sauce drizzled on top. There’s a clear picture of it on our menu, and you can clearly see what the product is about. One particular day, a customer orders that product.)

Me: “Good afternoon, ma’am! What can I get you today?”

Customer: *points at the picture on our menu*

Me: “Okay, that will be the [item]. What drink would you like to go with it?”

Customer: “[Beverage]. And I would like [other item] and [other item] as well.”

Me: “Okay, that will be [price].”

(The food is served, and I am tidying the counter when the woman storms up to me.)

Customer: “Excuse me?! I did not want chili sauce on this, please change it.”

Me: *shocked as this has never happened before* “Sorry, ma’am, but we are unable to change it for you, as you did not tell me beforehand that you did not want the sauce on it. The menu clearly states that there will be chili sauce on it, so we assumed you wanted it.”

Customer: “That’s ridiculous! I don’t care; I want an exchange.”

(Since I do not know how to deal with this, I go and ask my aunt if it can be exchanged. Since, as I said, we have never encountered such situations before, my aunt gives me a sort of incredulous and helpless smile when I tell her about the situation. Sort of the kind where you are like, “Oh man, what are we going to do?”)

Aunt: *to customer* “Sorry ma’am, but we are unable to—”

Customer: “Do you find this funny?!”

Aunt: “What—”

Customer: “You were laughing at me. Do you find this situation funny to you?!”

(My aunt might have given the helpless smile, but it most definitely wasn’t laughing.)

Aunt: “Sorry for the confusion, but I was not laughing at you, merely smiling because we have never encountered such a situation before—”

Customer: “So, you think it’s funny? What if I had a chili sauce allergy? Are you going to take responsibility for this?”

Me: “Ma’am, it is clearly stated here what the product contains. You will be served that particular product, as it is shown, unless you request special arrangements. It is not our fault, and we are not obliged to exchange it for yo—”

Customer: “This is f****** ridiculous. I’m going to complain. Complain that you are not giving me an exchange. I’ll probably die eating this, and you are all going to have this on your conscience. And you find this funny?!”

Me: “Look, ma’am—”

(At this point, my aunt stopped me and offered the unreasonable customer an exchange. The customer continued to complain and spew profanities for the remaining time she was eating in our restaurant. The kicker? She was also eating some other chicken set that had the exact same sauce that was on the product she made such a fuss over!)

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  • Will Flynn

    *Sigh* And this was going so well. Until, that is, the Aunt caved in and gave the twtwaffle customer what they wanted but did not deserve.

  • Angela Bell

    You should have just exchanged it and you wouldn’t have a angry customer bad mouthing your restaurant. It is called customer satisfaction.

    • Oh…bless your heart.

    • Will Flynn

      No, that is called giving into an idiot who was too stupid to read the menu and ask for what she wanted, or, in other words, caving in to an entitled twit.

      • Angela Bell

        No, it is called dealing with the public and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Most people are idiots, if you can’t work with people you aren’t going to be very successful.

        • Will Flynn

          Wrong answer. Entitled twits deserve nothing. Frankly, I can always tell when someone posting trite nonsense about somewhere is one of them…and discount anything they ever have to say.

          As for the rest of what you say…nonsense. Time was when called on their idiocy people would slink away with their tail between their legs. This new attitude of entitlement, complete with enablers like you, emboldens them. Frankly, my wish is they would piss off enough places that no one would serve them and they’d be alone and starving on the street. I’m sick of them and I’m sick of people apologizing for them.

    • Adrian Mckeehan

      Lady if you are going to defend dumb customers, you have come to the wrong site.

  • “I’m going to complain!!” “Complain to WHOM?? I’m the frigging OWNER, lady!”

  • Solange Gallant Oldfield

    My restaurant (and most) exchange items even when it’s the customer’s fault. It’s great when customers don’t get angry at our mistakes (they can and do happen) so it seems natural to accommodate their mistakes too…