The Sale Hasn’t Got The Green Light

| Daytona, FL, USA | Right | December 24, 2014

(It is just after we’ve marked our Christmas merchandise down 50%. This covers everything except items we carry year round, even if they have a winter paper tag decorating them. The customer has a plastic mug.)

Customer: “Could you tell me how much this costs?”

Me: “$4.97.”

Customer: “It should be about $2.50, dear.”

Me: “No, ma’am, that particular item is $4.97.”

Customer: “It’s a Christmas item, dear. It’s about $2.50.”

Me: “Actually we carry those year round so it hasn’t been marked down.”

(The customer clears her throat and points out the paper tag with a snowflake on it. We put those on ourselves to mark holiday gift ideas, not just winter merchandise.)

Customer: “Clearly you’re missing something, dear. It’s clearly a Christmas item. Just look at the color.”

Me: “It’s green, ma’am. We sell green mugs all year. It’s $4.97. Those mugs are always $4.97.”

Customer: “Well that’s just RIDICULOUS! I demand you give it to me for half price!”

(When I refused her again she threw the mug and stormed off.)

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