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The Router To Success, Part 2

, , , , , | Right | November 17, 2010

Me: “Good morning, can I help you?”

Customer: “I can’t seem to connect to the server.”

Me: “No problem. I have to ask if you’re able to see if all the cables are connected properly and the computer is functioning properly.”

Customer: “Are you trying to imply that I am stupid? That I can’t tell if something isn’t plugged in? I don’t want to talk to you! I want to speak to your manager!”

Me: “Sir, I am in fact the manager, and I meant no disrespect. This is step one in our problem-solving protocol.”

Customer: “So, will you come here and fix my problem?”

Me: “I have noticed that you have not signed or returned your service agreement, and I will be forced to charge you $100 for an onsite repair.”

Customer: “That’s fine; it must be broken. Get here as soon as you can.”

(Two hours of driving in traffic later…)

Me: “Sir, I have found your problem.”

Customer: “Oh, and what do you have to repair?”

Me: “Nothing. Your router was unplugged.”

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