The Router Is Pasta Its Prime

| Lancashire, England, UK | Romantic | November 16, 2012

(My fiancé recently started a new job, but has already told me on a few occasions that the internet has been down and he’s not been able to work. I receive a text message.)

Fiancé: “Internet down again. Mega reliable. Also, I’m going to start sending you text with autocorrect errors intact as some are hilarious.”

(‘Mega reliable’ above had been auto-corrected into ‘needs tagliatelle’.)

Me: “Stop texting, and get preparing Italian food for that poor router.”

(An hour later, I think the conversation has long since finished. I’m working, when my phone buzzes again.)

Fiancé: “Down four times in the past 90 minutes. Maybe tagliatelle isn’t the answer.”

Me: “Always preferred penne myself. Worth experimenting.”

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