The Romantic Zombie Virus Is Spreading, Part 2

| Related | February 26, 2016

(My husband, son, and I are watching a zombie movie. One of the characters is hurt and disappears. The others assume he’s a zombie. Later, the missing character staggers up, bloody, and they decide to give him the mercy shot. The shot misses, and he yells at them for trying to kill him, and maybe they should check from now on. I decide to ask my son the question, with a condition.)

Me: “So, you’d shoot us, right?”

Son: *no hesitation* “Yep.”

Me: “But you’d make sure we really were zombies first, yes?”

Son: *eyes everywhere but me*

Me: “No, really. This is important. Verify first, okay?”

Son: *wanders off*

(I am planning on keeping a close eye on him in the event of any type of apocalypse.)


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