The Road To Sell Is Paved With Good Intentions

| Ellsworth, ME, USA | Working | February 1, 2013

(I am trying on a pair of pants at a clothing store and realize there is a button missing. I am tempted to just put the pants back, but decide to do the right thing and notify one of the employees.)

Me: “Excuse me? I just tried on these pair of pants and noticed there’s a button missing.”

Employee: “I can give you 10% off if you’d still like to buy them.”

Me: “No thanks. They don’t fit very well. I don’t think I would buy them even if they had the button. I just wanted to make you aware that they are damaged.”

Employee: “I can probably go up to 20% off. Just let me check with the manager.”

Me: “No thanks.”

Employee: “Then why the h*** did you rip off the button if you had no intention of buying them?”

Me: “What? I didn’t rip off the button. They were damaged before I tried them on.”

Employee: “Oh, sure! I know how things work! People do it all of the time! You find something you like, take it into the dressing room, give it a little rip or stain, then ask for a discount!”

Me: “I never asked for a discount. I just thought I would be a good person and let you know the button was missing rather than put the pants back on the rack.”

Employee: “Just leave and don’t come back! We can’t have people damaging things that they’re not going to buy! We can’t sell these pants now!”

Me: “Don’t worry, I won’t be back!”

(I eventually returned and dealt with another employee. After relaying my ordeal, she told me to come back anytime as the rude employee had been fired. Apparently she was caught peeking through the crack in a dressing room door, because she thought the woman changing inside was going to steal a bra!)

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