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The Right Answer Requires The Write Question

| Learning | July 9, 2013

(A student calls Student Administration with a complex question.)

Me: “Okay I’m going to give you some details to write down. Do you have a pencil handy?”

Student: “No… uh… I just have this pen here. Hang on; I’ll be right back!”

Me: “No, wait. Wait! Wait!”

(It’s too late. I spend the next three minutes listening to the student scramble around his home and calling out to his girlfriend, desperately looking for a pencil. Finally he comes back to the phone.)

Student: “I’m really sorry, but I can’t find a pencil. I’ve only got this pen. I’m gonna have to call you back!”

Me: “No wait! Wait! Wait!”

Student: *click*

(Now I ask, “Do you have something to write with?”)

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