The Rich Get Richer

, , , | Right | October 11, 2019

(The Mercedes AMG is a car that cost starts at $129,000, and one is sitting in our drive-thru. The driver orders a small cappuccino and pulls up to my window to pay.)

Me: “That will be 2.29€.”

Customer: “No, it costs 2€.“

Me: “I‘m afraid not, sir; the computer is telling me 2.29€.“

Customer: “No, last time I ordered it cost 2€.“

(I have been working there for six months and it has always been the same price.)

Me: “The prices are standardised across our restaurants here.“

Customer: “Can I please speak with the manager?“

Manager: *comes over* “How can I help you?”

Customer: “Your worker kept telling me the wrong price for my order. I will only pay 2€ like always.”

Manager: *checks screen* “I‘m afraid it‘s 2.29€, sir.“

Customer: *obviously grumpy about 29 cents, finally decides to pull out his wallet and pay* 

(Why did he argue that much for 29 cents? Maybe that is how he could afford his car; arguing people out of their 29 cents.)


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