The Rewards Just Don’t Stop Coming

, , , , , | Working | December 24, 2018

(It’s around Christmas and I’m shopping for my mom. I decide to go to [Makeup Store] and get her an eyeshadow palette. It takes two hours of shopping to finally decide on the right one, because I want a palette that isn’t too expensive, but that has colors that I consider “Mom-approved.” I get to the register and the cashier is new. I’m really hungry at this point and just want to get out of the store.)

New Cashier: “Can I have your number?”

Me: “I don’t have a number at this store.”

New Cashier: *does her spiel about getting a rewards card*

Me: *smile* “No, thank you.”

(I used to work in retail for seven years and was forced to do what she is doing now, so I am always polite to cashiers when declining. I also only ever asked each customer once, because I didn’t want to irritate them. When I go to pay, the new cashier accidentally hits the “cash — exact change” button on her register, prompting it to close the sale and for a receipt to be printed up. She apologizes and gets her supervisor. I say no worries; it happens to all of us at some point. The supervisor comes and rescans my items. Then:)

Supervisor: “Did you want to get into our rewards program?”

New Cashier: “Oh, she already said no.”

Supervisor: “Well…” *basically goes over the whole speech again about the deals I could get*

Me: *smiles* “No, thank you.”

Supervisor: “But you can save 40% when you buy a certain amount every month.”

Me: *still smiling* “I don’t shop here a lot. Maybe once or twice a year.”

Supervisor: “But you can shop more with these savings, and you can get [some item for free if I spent a certain amount of money].”

(My smile drops because I said no three times already. I point to my all-natural face.)

Me: “I don’t usually wear makeup — only for special occasions. This is actually a present for my mom.”

Supervisor: “Does your mom have a rewards card?”

Me: *dagger eyes* “No.”

Supervisor: “Do you want to sign her up for one?”

Me: “No!”

Supervisor: “Well, if she wants to return this item, she needs to sign up for a rewards card.”

Me: *too speechless to even ask how that’s possible or even legal*

(Part of me just wanted to walk out at that moment and just say, “Good day! I said good day!” I wish I can say I did just that, but I was also really hungry and had just spent two hours shopping… and I hate shopping in these kinds of places. I also figured the supervisor just wanted the new cashier to open up a rewards card, as they expect certain quotas each month. So, I finished up the sale and vowed never to buy anything from that store again. Mom liked her palette, though.)

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