The Return Of Captain Obvious

, | | Right | November 21, 2007

Customer in an ice cream shop: “What’s in the Chocolate Caramel Cashew?”

Me: “There’s really no way for me to answer that without sounding like a smarta**.”

Customer: “Why? What’s in it?”

Me: “It’s chocolate ice cream … with caramel … and cashews.”

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  • Trillium

    good thing those words are spelled with C instead of K in English

    • Dsru Bin

      There’s a bakery down the block from one of my sibs called, “Kris’s Kountry Kitchen”. And yes, the words are written above one another, albeit slightly offset (tried to enter it here, but Disqust takes all space characters greater than 1 or 2 and eliminates them).

      https:// www. facebook. com/ Kriss-Kountry-Kitchen-142716919081942/

  • Denton Young

    My desk now has an impression of my forehead in it.