The Renting Game Has Several Tricks

| Romantic | May 15, 2013

(I’m overdue rent by three days, but my boyfriend has stepped in to help me cover it. After sleeping with him, he heads off into the bathroom while I stay in bed. It turns out my landlord is right upstairs, so he comes to knock on the door. I open the door for the landlord, who sees my boyfriend handing me the money.)

Landlord: “So… do you uh…”

(He starts blushing.)

Me: “Here’s $400, and the rest I’ll get within the next two hours, promise!”

Landlord: “Glad to hear it; give me a call when you have it!”

Me: “Of course, bye-bye!”

(After he leaves, my boyfriend to turns to me.)

Boyfriend: “He had that look on his face like this has happened before.”

Me: “Poor guy. Well at least he knows I’m getting the money together somehow.”

Boyfriend: “Yeah, but can you imagine how he thinks you’re getting it?”

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