The Rent Around Here Is Monstrous

| Related | August 8, 2016

(I am five years old and convinced that there is a monster under my bed. I decide to tell my mother.)


Mom: *out of breath from running to my room* “What?”

Me: “There’s a monster under my bed!”

Mom: “I know; his name is Jake. He’s one of my friends from work. I told him that he could live under your bed. He’s really friendly.”

Me: “Okay, cool.”

(The next morning, I see $5.00 lying on the floor beside my bed. I tell my mom.)

Me: “Mom, is this money yours?”

Mom: “It’s for you. Jake’s renting.”

(For the next few weeks I received rent payments from Jake-the-monster until one day where instead of the usual $5.00 I found a $100 bill and a note from the “monster” saying he moved out.)

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