The Relationship Isn’t Quite As Magical As Promised

| Romantic | June 9, 2016

(My boyfriend and I both play a game, Magic the Gathering. We are at a Friday night draft, and he’s paying since it’s a “date.” He tells me all the cards I pick/win are mine. It’s after the draft and I pick up my prize packs; he didn’t win any.)

Boyfriend: “Hey, would you mind if I opened one?”

Me: “Sure!” *I hand him a pack as we walk out*

Boyfriend: “1…2…3…” *we both open the packs and sift through to look at the rares*

Me: “Ehhh… mine are okay.” *I got $3 cards*

Boyfriend: “Oh, my god! [My Name], it’s a [$70 Card]!”

Me: “Yay! I finally got a decent card!”

Boyfriend: *looks really disappointed* “Hey, I paid, so I can keep this one?”

Me: “[Boyfriend], give.”

Boyfriend: “But… but…” *he stuffs it down his pants*

Me: “D*ck.”

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