The Reference Was Not Super-Effective

, , | Working | September 29, 2014

(Almost all of my t-shirts have some sort of fandom-related design on them, some far less obvious that others. At my physical therapist’s it has become sort of a joke that he will always try to guess what my shirt is referencing, and is almost always wrong. He also has an assistant who jokes around with both of us. Today I’m wearing a water-fire-grass-water effectiveness cycle shirt, a ‘Pokémon’ reference. When my physical therapist sees it…)

Physical Therapist: “I have no idea on that one.”

Assistant: “Oh, come on. It’s easy!”

Physical Therapist: “Then what is it?”

Assistant: “Earth, Wind, and Fire! Right?”

Me: “… It’s Pokémon.”

(There’s a beat, and then my therapist and I both start laughing.)

Physical Therapist: “Yes, you’re right, [Assistant]. It was very easy!”

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