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The Rat’s Meow

, , , , | Related | March 21, 2022

We moved to a very wooded area and were dealing with an infestation of field mice. My kitty was “helping” solve the problem by bringing home half-dead moles and leaving them on the front porch.

I was in the kitchen one day and heard rustling coming from under the corner cabinet. I freaked out and grabbed a frying pan (I’m really not sure what I was going to do with it – but hey, I panicked). Anyway, I stood there and watched a rat, not a mouse – but a big old rat, slowly force its way out from behind the toe kick under the corner cabinet. It was so big, it was really struggling to force its way out.

I stood there taking aim with my frying pan at the ready, dreading what I was about to do when the rat finally forced its way out and… meowed at me.

My wonderful, solid gray cat had somehow got under the cabinet and it was such a tight squeeze that all her fur/skin had been pulled back as she struggled to get out that she looked like a giant rat. Good thing I really wasn’t invested in the whole idea of smashing the ‘rat’ with the frying pan.

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