The Ramadan Man

, , , | Hopeless | September 7, 2016

(I have taken my cat to the animal hospital, and have to leave her there overnight for observation. I wait for many hours to see the vet, and when I finally get out, the buses have stopped running, so I have to take a taxi home. After spending half a day at the animal hospital without much of anything to eat or drink, and being quite worried about my cat, I am feeling a bit emotional, but try to chat normally to the taxi driver, who is from Iraq. He mentions that it is Ramadan, so he hasn’t eaten much either, but since it is now late at night he’ll be able to get something to eat after he’s driven me. When we get to my house, I look at the meter and pull out my wallet.)

Taxi Driver: “No, this one is free.”

Me: “Free? Why?”

Taxi Driver: “It’s not that much money, and I will take it out of my pay. You are going home from the vet with an empty cat carrier and you are obviously feeling sad. This is Ramadan, a time to do kind things to others, and you would be doing me a favour to allow me to do this for you.”

(I explained that the cat was alive, just staying overnight at the animal hospital, but he still wanted to pay my fare. As he said, it wasn’t that much money, and I was happy to let him because it clearly made him happy to do it, and it was such a kind gesture.)

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