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The Race Card Is Two-Sided

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(As the administrative assistant, I hear a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that usually just makes me roll my eyes. We have a new hire that really isn’t pulling their weight, but they are still new, so most of us are hopeful. I end up overhearing this gem between the new hire and a worker who’s been here a while.)

Worker: “I don’t know… There’s just something about you that I don’t like.”

New Hire: *indignantly* “It’s because I’m black, ain’t it?”

Worker: “THAT’S WHAT IT IS!” *snaps fingers* “You’re racist!”

New Hire: *agape* “Why would you say that? How am I the racist?”

Worker: “I said there was ‘something’ about you… and you immediately jumped to race. I never said anything about your color. That’s racism. Honestly, as long as you pull your weight, I don’t give a f*** what color you are.”

(I did not hear the rest of the conversation… Probably a good thing.)

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