The Race Against Identity Theft

| Right | June 10, 2011

(I’m ringing up a customer. He hands me a credit card.)

Me: “I need to see your ID, please.”

Customer #1: “Sure.”

(As he is getting his ID out, the next customer in line, a white soccer mom, speaks up.)

Customer #2: “I don’t believe this s***! I’m going to report you, you racist b****!”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Customer #2: “You heard me. You didn’t ask for the ID of the white lady before him, but a black man has a card and you check his. That’s racist s***! What, you think because he’s black he stole that or something?”

Customer #2, to customer #1: “Why are you so calm? This isn’t the 50’s! You don’t have to put up with this s***. Tell her off!”

Customer #1: “Actually, she asked me because I have ‘See ID’ written on my card.”

Customer #2: “Oh…well. Um…okay.”

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