The Punny Bone

| Related | November 3, 2013

(While decorating the house for Halloween, I accidentally tear a piece of skull off of a paper skeleton I’m hanging up. I tell my sister what happened.)

Sister: “How could you? The poor skeleton!”

Me: “Don’t skull-d me!”

Sister: “…no, [Name].”

Me: “Hey, no bones about it!”

Sister: “No. Just stop.”

Me: “Gosh, why are you being so sternum about this?”

Sister: “I just don’t find this very humerus. It doesn’t tickle my funny bone.”

Me: “Well, you receive the ulna-riffic for biggest killjoy!”

Sister: “Okay, that was a bit of a stretch.”

Me: “Hey. Stretch is a muscle pun! Get it right!”

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