The Professor Of Caffeine

, , , | Right | March 25, 2020

(I work at a convenience store on a college campus. We sell self-serve coffee, cappuccino, hot tea, and hot chocolate. They vary in price, but we use one type of cup, so when a customer comes to the register we depend on the customer to tell us what they got. Most of the time, people just get regular coffee. A professor comes up with a beverage cup and a few other items.)

Me: “Coffee?”

Professor: “Yes.”

Me: “It’s $3.20.”

(I take her money and hand her the receipt. She starts to walk away and then comes back.)

Professor: “Hang on, I bought the exact same things yesterday and it was only two dollars and something.”

Me: “Okay, let’s look at your receipt. So, your coffee was $.95 and…”

Professor: “This isn’t coffee. It’s hot tea!”

Me: “But I asked you if it was coffee and you said yes.”

Professor: “Well, I didn’t think it mattered!”

Me: “…”

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