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The Problem Is Licked, Part 2

| Related | August 15, 2012

(My mother is babysitting a 5 year old and a baby that’s barely beginning to speak. She calls me over the phone.)

Mom: “Listen! This baby says no to everything!! *to baby* “Do you want to go to bed?”

Baby: “No!”

Mom: “Do you want a pony?”

Baby: “No!”

Mom: “Do you want more ice cream?”

Baby: “No!”

5 year old: “More ice cream? I want more ice cream! There’s red ice cream in the fridge! Come on, I’ll show you!”

Mom: “No, that’s not what I—“

5 year old: “Come on, more ice cream! You said!”

Mom: *to me* “I think I need to go now.”


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