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The Prisoner Of Astrakhan

| Related | October 30, 2014

(It’s a lovely Saturday and I’m hanging out in a park when my phone rings. It should be noted that I’m a complete bookworm.)

Mom: “Can I ask you a question?”

Me: “Erm… okay.”

Mom: “What does ‘astrakhan’ mean?”

Me: “It’s a curly furry fabric, usually wool. Why?”

Mom: “Oh, it’s in my book and I didn’t know what it meant.”

Me: “So… why didn’t you go look it up?”

Mom: “Well, it’s such a nice day, and I’m out here on the deck reading and I didn’t want to get up, so I thought I’d call and ask you.”

Me: “I’m not ACTUALLY a dictionary, you know…”

Mom: “Yes, you are. Now, while I’ve got you, what’s the difference between ‘mnemonic’ and ‘pneumonic?'”

Me: *sigh*

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