The Principals Of Bullying

| Learning | October 1, 2013

(There is a boy who has been physically and verbally bullying me since fourth grade. In elementary school, the teachers saw the bruises on me but ignored them as they didn’t want to deal with it. We are now in sixth grade, and I am walking down the hall with a friend.)

Me: “So, did you hear about—OOF! OW!”

(The bully has just shoved into me and slammed me against a locker, making me drop my books. I fall over and he kicks me for good measure before running off.)

Friend: “Come back here, you little s***!”

(She chases him but he gets away. I hobble to the nurse’s office.)

Nurse: “What on Earth happened? You’re bruised front and back!”

Me: “[Bully] shoved me against a locker, knocked me down, then kicked me in the stomach.”

Nurse: “[Principal] will never stand for this. Let me go call him.”

(She calls the principal and I tell him my story. He is furious.)

Principal: “No. This does not happen in my school. I’ll deal with him.”

(He calls the bully into his office, and I can hear the yelling from the hallway. 20 minutes later, the principal comes back.)

Principal: “Come into my office. [Bully] would like to apologize to you now. Come on, [Bully], apologize.”

(The bully just sits there and glares at me.)

Principal: “[My Name], go back out. [Bully], we’re going to be here a long time if you don’t apologize. Make it easier on yourself. Say you’re sorry.”

(An hour later, he calls me in again.)

Principal: “[Bully] would like to apologize for real this time.”

Bully: “I’m sorry for pushing you in the hall and kicking you. I understand that was a terrible thing to do and I hope you forgive me. I also promise to not touch you or speak to you again without permission.”

Me: “…?!”

(The principal marches me back out.)

Principal: “There, he’ll never bother you again.”

Me: “But how… what did you do?”

Principal: *evil grin* “Oh, it doesn’t matter. Now go back to class.”

(I don’t know what the principal did, but the bully never went near me again. To boot, he is now on house arrest from a drug fight while I am at college on a full scholarship!)

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