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The Prime Time To Get Married

| Related | September 24, 2014

(My cousin gets married. She doesn’t have a big wedding because she can’t afford it, so instead she has a party in the backyard at our grandparents’ house to celebrate.)

Me: “What should I wear to your party?”

Cousin: “Well, it’s just family. It’s not supposed to be formal, so just wear something comfortable.”

Me: “So, I can wear anything?”

Cousin: “Yes. Wear a dress if you want. Or not. I don’t even really care if you show up in what you slept in. Just put on some clothes.”

Me: “Anything?”

Cousin: “Yes, anything.”

Me: “Anything?”

Cousin: “Yes! Wear anything! Look, just don’t show up naked, all right?”

Me: “All right, but just remember that you said I could wear anything.”

(The day of the party I arrive wearing an Optimus Prime cosplay that I borrowed from a friend.)

Cousin: “…”

Me: “You said anything!”

(I brought a change of clothes since I only did it to see how she’d react. Surprisingly, she didn’t make me change and let me walk around like that for the rest of the party. The group photos from that party were amazing.)

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