The Presentation Is A Disaster

| Learning | January 20, 2016

(I’m a student in a class on ethics about environmental disasters. We have to split into groups and each pick a topic. Also note that, in the previous group’s presentation, they had mentioned conspiracy theories that sprung up.)

Leader Of Prior Group: “That wraps up our presentation on hurricane Katrina. Are there any questions?”

Me: “Yeah, I though each group had to pick a different disaster. We chose Katrina first. How did you get it?”

Fellow Member Of My Group: “[My Name], we are doing Haiti…”

(Whole class starts laughing.)

Me: “Really? I was so sure… Wait! I know why, Last night I was looking at photos from my trip to New Orleans and thinking we could use them!”

Teacher: “[My Name], I know you like to argue every point I bring up, and debate is fine, but are you seriously going to tell me you confused Haiti and Katrina?”

Me: “Well, after all, they were both hurricanes.” *at this point I realize what I just said* “Yeah… I’m just going to stop talking now. I’m even the one who added the title “Haitian Earthquake” to our presentation…”

(Fast forward to the day of our groups presentation:)

Teacher: “Now, before we start, [My Name], are you sure you know what your group is presenting on?”

Me: “Of course, [Teacher]! Our group is talking about the government’s attempt to create a wormhole in order to prevent JFK’s assassination, the effects of which caused the waters south of Florida to create massive storms that destroyed both New Orleans and Haiti. After all, Katrina and Haiti were the same disaster!”

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