The Power Of The Penis

| Seattle, WA, USA | Friendly | February 25, 2016

(The local art museum is running a special exhibit on Pompeii. The group I am in includes two very well-dressed elderly women, probably in their late 60s. As we are going through the exhibit, there is a Y in the path, with a sign explaining that any younger or sensitive guests should bypass the next section, due to the sexual nature of that section. Most people went on instead of bypassing, and I ended up right behind the two older women. This section turns out to be VERY graphic, with scenes of a brothel, erotic artwork, and a lot of large phallic sculptures. A sign explains that the people of Pompeii considered the phallic symbol to be good luck, and a protective omen. The two ladies read the sign, and one turn to the other.)

Elderly Lady: “Oh, NO! The volcano is erupting! SAVE ME, PHALLUS! SAVE ME!”

(I seriously came so close to breaking a rib trying not to laugh…)

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