The Power Of A Half Hour  

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I was looking to buy a dress for a wedding. After searching all of the shops on the high street, I finally found one that I liked. It was red and floor-length and fairly inexpensive. I picked it up. I bought it. I left.

End of story. Not quite.

About half an hour later, I was meeting a friend and I pulled the dress out of the bag to show her. She quickly spotted a massive scuff mark on the skirt, between one of the pleats, that I hadn’t seen.

I went back to the shop immediately and tried to get an exchange.

I handed over my receipt and showed them the scuff mark and asked if I could swap it. Suddenly, the woman called the manager over and they started whispering. They disappeared into the back with the dress and another sales assistant came over to explain that I couldn’t return the dress because I’d clearly worn it and that I should be ashamed for trying to return a dress with the tags after wearing it to an event.

I stood there, shocked and silent, as this woman railed on me for doing something I didn’t do.

I’ll never forget the look on her face when I asked her to check the time stamp on the receipt, which showed that I had only bought the dress half an hour before.

I decided to get a refund instead of an exchange and I bought another dress elsewhere.

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