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The Power Of A Candy-Do Attitude

Learning | May 12, 2013

(We’re learning about exponents. A rather chubby student who cries often is being helped by the teacher.)

Student: “So, 2 to the power of 2 is 4, right?”

Teacher: “Yeah. So what about 4 to the power of 2?”

Student: *confidently* “8!”

Teacher: “No, it’s 16.”

Student: “But that doesn’t make sense! You multiply the base number with the exponent!”

Teacher: “You see, with 2 to the power—”

Student: “I don’t get it! How do you do it?!”

Teacher: “Calm down. I’ll explain one more time.”

Student: *crying* “I want candy!”

Teacher: “What?”

Student: “Whenever I get upset at home, my mommy gives me candy!”

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