The Poster Child For Creepiness, Part 2

| Working | April 28, 2014

(I work in a restaurant that is beside a coffee shop, which has a small theater on its other side. I stop into the coffee shop to get something before work, and right in front of me are two young chefs on break. The theater is hosting a dance competition, so the coffee shop is full of YOUNG dancers, roughly 10 years old.)

Chef #1: “I’d love to hit that.”

Chef #2: “I know! Look at her, with that makeup and skimpy costume! She’s begging for it!”

(I glance over to where they’re pointing. She’s wearing a short skirt and leotard, similar to what a figure skater wears, and has stage makeup on, but does not have anything risqué about her look.)

Me: “Guys, you don’t want to touch her.”

Chef #1: “Why not? Those red lips could do the work.”

Me: “Look around you. All these are little kids. I used to go to dance competitions all the time with my sister. They’re all 10, and that one, she’s MAYBE 13. Maybe. You guys are 19. Do the math.”

(Both get a look of horror as they realize what they’re implying about a child.)

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