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The Plants Are Plastic And So Are You

, , , , | Right | January 30, 2020

(I work in an office where we have display items for our products, answer any questions, and schedule in-home appointments. A customer comes into the room and asks me for a quote on an item that I cannot provide, as each item is custom-manufactured — each customer’s home is different — and therefore, pricing varies. The woman is upset and makes a remark as she leaves.)

Woman: “A little hint, since you don’t seem to know much: your plants are dying, so you may want to water them!”

(She then dumps the water out of her water bottle into the plant pot.)

Me: “Well, I apologize for not knowing much about your pricing as it is fairly complex; however, I do know my plants are not dying and that, my friend, is a fake plant.”

Woman: “Oh… make yourself useful and clean that up.”

(She then proceeded to walk out and I laughed bitterly.)

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