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The Pizza That Time Forgot

| Working | November 14, 2016

(I decide to order a pizza for dinner. I work evenings so I set it to be delivered at midnight, a few minutes after I get home. I’m running late because of traffic but when I get home at 12:30 my roommate says the pizza hasn’t arrived. I immediately call the restaurant.)

Me: “Hi, I ordered a pizza to be delivered at midnight and it’s not here.”

Manager: “I’m sorry about that; let me look into it.”

(I hear her arguing with people in the background.)

Manager: “It was supposed to be delivered at midnight.”

Person In Background: “Yeah, midnight on the 12th; that’s tonight.”

Manager: “No, that was today, 12:00 am on the 12th.”

(They argue back and forth over this for several minutes. Finally the manager comes back on and apologizes again and promises to give us a discount. The pizza arrives and all is well. Early the next morning though there’s a knock on the door. I open it to find a delivery person from the same restaurant.)

Delivery Person: “Hi, I have your pizza here.”

(It was the same order as the night before. Apparently they still didn’t know how to read a clock.)

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