The Picture Of Creepy

| Romantic | December 7, 2015

(I work at the customer service desk at a very popular department store. It’s Halloween and we are allowed to dress up in full costumes as long as we aren’t gory, since we are very family friendly, and we aren’t wearing a mask over our face. I’m super into Halloween so of course I went all out with my deer costume with a wig, contacts, ears and a full face of makeup. When I come back from my lunch break, the coworker who is relieving me is talking to an older customer in his sixties. Both my coworker and I are in our early twenties.)

Customer: “You girls are all dressed up. I mean, look at you!” *motioning to me* “Wow, you look amazing!”

Me: “Well, thank you.”

Customer: “Seriously, you went all out! Did you do the makeup yourself?”

Me: *nods*

Customer: “That’s amazing! Wow. You just look so good.”

Me: “Thanks. Halloween is my favorite.”

(The customer goes quiet and stares at me for a bit as I become increasingly more uncomfortable as there are only so many times I can say thank you before it gets weird. After a few seconds I turn away and start cleaning the area and much to my relief he wanders away to bother my coworker on her fifteen minute break. Twenty minutes later he starts to head to the exit, which is near the service desk, and of course, he pauses again to stare.)

Customer: “I just really love your costume!”

Me: “Thank you again.”

Customer: “…I wish I could take a picture of it.”

(The customer proceeds to stand there in silence, staring at me again, and eventually I realize he is actually waiting for permission to take a picture.)

Me: “Umm… no, please don’t.”

Customer: *laughing* Oh darn! Well, have a good night.”

(The man FINALLY left and I gave my coworker a horrified look. She then told me he pretty much cornered her on her fifteen minute break and kept trying to get her number and only left after she agreed to take his number instead!)

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